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Thread: Known Issues / Bugs / Crash Issues

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    Question Known Issues / Bugs / Crash Issues

    Remember to check out Support's Notices first!

    I will no longer be updating this list as I no longer play Cabal.

    New Bugs:
    • Filter is blocking "tod" but other words are not blocked. We just want to know if this was intentional or not.

    Persisting Issues:
    • Guild bank does not work
    • Unable to whisper or block via right click a name in the chat window
      -The color code is inserted around a name and needs to be deleted in order to whisper
    • Graphical errors on the character select screen
      -Occasionally characters display features of other characters
    • Chat copy/paste feature does not work
      -Players are unsure of how to use this feature
    • Unable to open character page in dungeons via the menu bar
    • Font settings reset when game is restarted or resolution is changed
    • Pressing (K) does not close the "skill up" icon
    • Wizards: skills in BM2 hit weaker than in non-bm.
      -OGPlanet said they were testing this issue but we never heard back
    • Force Blader: Execration and Field of Execration skills do not enter cool down phase when they are resisted by opponent like they would pre-patch
      -We do not know if this was an intentional change by ESTsoft or not
    • Wizards: High Regen does not enter cool down if used on a player that can not accept the buff
    • Weapon Skin Graphical glitch: Screenshots here
    • Troglo Lair dungeon Glitch (unconfirmed)
      -"After the warp portal and when you enter the 2nd maze where you kill the all the mobs. I go BM2 and get sent back to the beginning."
    • Cool down icon for Raise Spirit buff interferes with the cool down icon for Force Blader Execration and Field / Execration. Image Here
    • Players get an error when entering war that saying they do not have enough alz when they do.
    • Characters stop using the dummy without a cause especially at low levels.
    • Blader: Battle mode sometimes cancels prematurely (especially when "extending" with aura).
    • Typo on the description of Siena's Crest B1F item. Reads: "released to publi by accident".

    Fixed issues / Common Problems:
    • Nation War and CA aren't there.
      -ESTsoft has changed the schedule for these. Check the main site.
    • Combo missing
      -The levels for aura, battle mode 1 and combo have been changed. You will have all of them by level 30.
    • Computer crashes when running the game (BSOD). More Info
      -This may have something to do with your mouse. Read the thread I linked. Send a help desk ticket for help with this issue.
    • Cabal suddenly closes or will not start
      -Cabal is now using a different anti-hack/bot program (Game Guard). Close all unneeded programs and try to relaunch. Also try to restart your computer. Send a help desk ticket if this is still an issue for you.
    • Fixed: Could not log into the website. This seems to be working now. If you are still having issues, try to refresh your browser.
    • Fixed: Can now register new accounts. Was giving an error on email address line. "(!) please type email".
      -If you are still unable to register an account, try a different web browser. If that doesn't work send an email to ESTsoft with your detailed information to [email protected] or try to pm GM Jamie
    • Running Ventrilo with GameGuard: You need to launch the game first and then start Ventrilo.
    • ESTsoft has fixed the cash shop items. Post on it here: http://forum.cabal.com/showthread.ph...s-in-item-shop
      -Fixed Odd Circle bug and costume time limit.
    • "Please agree to transfer your OGP information to ESTsoft's account first" message
      -This means you need to sign up on ESTsoft's site and then complete the transfer http://www.cabal.com/Account/TransferAccount
    • Some of the channels are missing
      -This was intentional. ESTsoft plans to give us all the channels back. (Sorry, I don't know when.)
    • Characters are missing
      -You probably just joined the wrong server. They are switched on the server select screen. Or you have not completed the character transfer.
    • Party search function is missing? Not a bug: Intentional removal by ESTsoft

    Things you can try:

    -Use the Check Files button on the launcher
    -Log in from the downloads page of the website. Then click "support" then "help desk". Send any issues you have to ESTsoft from there.
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