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Thread: Seal!!!!!

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    There is 2 bosses on the third part.

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    This is the quest patren patren right?, if this is the case, and u want to kill patren is as simple as if u are a melee fighter bm+aura and use cannons dash+fade cannon+ dash+fade+canon thats it easy as hell

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    You don't fight him on this quest.. You just talk to him lol..

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    there are 7 boss in seal

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    LOL this quest is so easy.

    @Daedgo-it is the patren dungeon but ever since the update u dont hav ot fight patren as dkling said

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    i think i was like 98 when I did it. Got it in under 5 minutes, with the help of bm. It wasn't that hard since the monsters were really slow

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    zzz they made patren patren so easy after the update. I didn't use bm/aura at all

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    Lol that Q is easy mode... Kill the bosses and ur good...look for big glowy monsters

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    Quote Originally Posted by msrs13 View Post
    well i finished it at 96, it's my first character, i have no money or gear (no pet of course).
    it was a bit hard but after spamming the hp potion and running away from the bosses a few times to heal, i finished it on the first try.

    hard to believe a level 136 can't do it since other dungeons such as EOD or SOD are much harder (in my opinion at least)
    That lie... Without a decent gear is hard the Seal dungeon, and less when you try for first time and unknow the dungeon.

    LOL from lvl 100 EoD can easy with a decent gear, withoout a decent gear my bl finish eod from lvl 101 alone.

    Donīt vry guys, this seal quest can finish in a 100+ lvl, itīs not the end of world

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    Wow....noobs still think this dungeon is so hard when they nerfed it so much. Quite sad.

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