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Thread: Seal!!!!!

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    [Guide] Complteting Quest:"Seal"

    Wow this is just sad I did this quest on all my characters way b4 update when "supposedly" it was harder and you had to kill Patren. I succeded on my first try on all my characters( I have 5 Characters) except fa which took me 2 times and I was under lv. 100 with less than 580 def and I didn't have amp gear+vamp at that time either. Just sad.

    1. The first part with the Mechapes and Archers is easy. You should be able to kill them in a few hits even with whack gear and the mech boss. But when you first enter this part don't run out into the middle like an idiot or else you will get spiked by all the Mech Archers and Apes around you + the Boss. Lure the monsters To your left and right behind the rocks first and kill them. Then you can lure the boss w/o attracting the Mechapes and Archers behind him and kill him. Then just kill the rest of the Mechapes that were behind him.

    2. After that you just group up the monsters and kill em all at once and then go for the boss in that area. Keep doing this when you go to each area so you can kill the bosses w/o having to worry about the monsters hitting you from behind and dieing.

    3. After doing all that you should still have about 3-2 mins left by the time you kill the last boss and get to the warp portal to talk to patren and Ariel to finish the quest.

    4. I don't even see the need to use Aura, BM1, or BM2 o.O. Just follow the steps ahead and you should be fine.

    Good Luck!
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    How to beat Seal quest at lvl 101 or 96

    Lvl 101:

    Lvl 96:

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