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Thread: New Item Shop Idea :)

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    Lightbulb New Item Shop Idea :)

    EST should add a skin kit in item shop that allows you to change your skin tone.
    I mean we already have a hair kit and a face kit so why not have a skin kit?
    I think it could be very profitable for EST and i think the players would but buy it lol i know i would.
    Its just a suggestion :/

    BTW BRING BACK WEAPON SKINS > ( alot of people want them back in item shop )
    just sayin

    Guys please reply to this . . i really wanna hear what yall have to say

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    Valid point. And I wanna see more hairs and faces added too.

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    Also Bring out Legacy Weapon Skins already.Make it happen ESTSoft. Just do it....good business

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