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Thread: Selling List (Mostly WI Gears)

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    Selling List (Mostly WI Gears)

    STit Mart. Boots (WI) +9 Slotted Mamp SOLD
    Osm Mart Suit (WI) Outrageous +9 Slotted 100 Hp SOLD
    Osm Armor Helm (No Class) Fatal +9 Clean Slots
    Topaz Orb DB 30Cd +9
    Bracelet of Sage +6 SOLD
    Osm Mart. (WI) Helm Fatal +9 36% cd SOLD
    Mystic Gloves (WI) Outrageous Mamp +9 No Slots
    Force Regen Earrings +6 x4
    Shineguard Greaves (WA) Outrageous Samp +9 No Slots SOLD
    SIGMetal Visor (WA) Fatal 36cd% +9
    S.Tit. Armor Boots (WA) Slotted Samp +9
    *No Items Listed Above Are Character Binding After Equipped*
    Lvl 10 Cutie Lai 5 Empty Slots; +5Matt, 1% Crit Rate, +5 Add Dmg x2, 1% Resist Knock Back
    Lvl 4 Draca All Empty Slots

    Mail me or PM me offers in game - Pseudonymous
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