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Thread: Event Suggestion List

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    Event Type: In-game
    Event Title: Combo Master
    Event Summary: Highest combo wins, use training dummy to make it happen
    Link to Event Post: http://forum.cabal.com/showthread.ph...Recommendation

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    Event Type: In-game
    Event Title: Hunting
    Event Summary: Open up a new channel with nothing but bosses from every place just roaming around on the maps for exp but the 2 boss that drop rings of them self would be stronger then normally of course also there would be a small fee to enter such a channel and also this event only happens once a month so ya that's all i got

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    Correct your errors cabal players
    Anyone has ever bought a costume they don't like or extended a piece of gear they shouldn't have? Yes! a bunch of us. Well here is the time to get over your mistake and correct them.

    Go run some epic dungeon (the same for the daily one, forbidden island to hacked code) and drop the costume hanger and the fortune bill (my original idea).

    Costume hanger: un-bound your costume and wep skin.

    Fortune bill: randomly gives you a percentage of the value (the value the item now have) of any item in cash shop.

    Exemple: let say you have a procyon uniforme you want to get rid now. The value for it is 2.999 ecois i think. So you right click the fortune bill, get a special mouse arrow, click the procyon uniforme and get randomly a percentage of ecoins back. If I get 70% I would get 2099 ecoins back.

    All those item would be a a bit difficult to drop in dungeon. Like the gold stuff in eod2 for the Ring of Luck+2 event

    Event Type: in-game
    Event title: Correct your errors of the year event. (I,m not good in english lol)
    Event summary: you run dungeon for goodies that will un-bound your gear/costume/items.

    Thanks you

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    *Event Type: In-Game
    *Event Title: Nation War: The Eternal Struggle
    *Event Summary: Procyons' and Cappellas' endless struggle to reign supreme over Neverath.

    This event should be used to motivate more players to attend nation war, as well as benefiting fellow war goers with improved bonuses during the event.

    - 50% WEXP boost to all players that attend war and recieve 30 pts.
    - Bonus 50% WEXP boost to the nation that wins the current war.
    - Bonus 100% (on top of other 2 bonuses listed) for nation that wins the bonus saturday war.
    - 50-100% AXP boost in war
    - Additional Daily AXP quests to help players recieve axp even quicker
    Ex. Quest 1 ( Standard quest): Kill S. And M. Legacy Guard= 7 mil axp
    Quest 2: Kill M. and L. Legacy Guard= 14 mil axp
    Quest 3: Kill L. and Ensign= 20 mil axp
    - For lower level tiers (1 and 2) a temporary special shop can be made where they may exchange wexp for prizes
    Ex. Tier 1 Shop: Stit Cubes: Char binding stit Armor and Weapons that can allow you to recieve 2 slot shadowtitanium with a random epic craft. (also chance of overcrafted gears)
    Tier 2 Shop: Osm Cubes: Same as stit cubes but in osm form.
    - All tiers will also have a "Mystery Nation Box" in thier shop. These boxes will be in 4 forms
    Ex. Mystery box (Bronze)= 250 wexp
    Mystery box (Silver )= 500 wexp
    Mystery box (Gold)= 1000 wexp
    Mystery box (Diamond)= 2000 wexp

    As the mystery box increases in level, so does the rarity of the items you can obtain.
    the items obtainable are respective for each tier

    Ex. Tier 1 Mystery Boxes= Upgrade Core Low, Perfect Core Low (Account Bind) Slot Extender Low( Account Bind), Upgrade Core Medium, Perfect Core Medium( Account Bind) Slot Extender Medium(Account Bind), Astral Boards (K Red , K Sky, K Black and crystals, all 1-30 days temp, account bind), Astral Boards (perm, very rare chance,) account bind), War Costume Epaulets of respective nation (1-30 days Account bind) and perm versions as well. Also Includes Weapon/Armor Option Scroll Low of all kinds (including rate) Blue bikes crystal and reg obtainable 1-30 day and perm (rare chance)
    Tier 2 Mystery Boxes= Same as t1, but also include RW3 Bikes(crystal as well) within Mystery Boxes(14-30 days) and perm as well. Also includes Upgrade Core High and Perfect Core High ( Account Bind). Includes Weapon/Armor Option Scroll Medium of all Kinds (including rate)
    Tier 3 Mystery Boxes= Same as t2, disregarding all medium grade items, Slot Extender High (Account Bind), and Upgrade Core Highests. Includes Weapon/Armor Option scroll Medium/High of all kinds (includes). Also Chance of EoX+7, Sig EoX7 (1-30 day and Perm)
    Tier 4 Mystery Boxes= Same as t3 but includes Perfect Core Highest( Account Bind) and Slot Extender Highest ( Account Bind) as well Includes Weapon/Armor Option Scroll High of all kinds. Also chance of EoX and SigEoX+7 and EoX8 (1-30 days) and perm
    Tier 5 Mystery Boxes= Same as t4 but include Armor/Weapon Option Scroll Highest of all kind. . Chance of Eox 7, SigEox 7, and eox 8 (1-30 days ) and perm

    **All Scrolls will be character bind**
    **All perm items listed will be very rare to obtain (pretty obvious)**

    - Guardian titles should be re- added during event. The highest scorers of every class, (2nd highest scorer for class which bringer is in) will receive the Guardian titles. Guardian titles ( for players who are new) are titles which also display your name in war channel. It also added Hp, and resist for unmovable,stun,knock back, and down. In some instances guardian titles are better then bringer. It also allows the blue texted global shout in during war.


    - If possible, add a new nation war map!!!. It seems quite blunt to constantly play one nation war map. Every other day we can possiblly play the new map to keep things a little more good and fun.

    Above is the picture of the Cabal World Map, along with 1 existing map, 1 retired map, and 2 maps i came up with myself. ( I believe Gloriosa and Bruto are in the accurate places). Not only is there new maps, but I think it would be interesting to add different objectives for victory as well within each map. Here are some of my ideas.

    Ex. Tierra Gloriosa ("The Glorious War") (current war map)- Both Nations struggle for victory by gaining the trust of powerful legacy guardians whilst capturing bases to decimate thier foes and reign supreme.

    Tierra Del Bruto ("The Brutal War") (retired war map)- Both nations come in pure hand to hand brutal combat in a open arena. Will you survive?

    Tierra Del Umbra (" The Shadow War") ( new war map idea)- In a secret and dark territory in the distant Nevarath, a strange and mysterious force prepares a massive army to exterminate all human beings. Halt the advancing forces while fighting the opposing nation in this chaotic war zone. Can both sides come to an armistice for world peace? Or will everything end in utter chaos? ( both sides will fight incoming waves of forces that spawn at certain points of the map. The objective is to for the nations to recieve points by killing as many of these mobs as they can while at the same time, having to fight each other. Legacy Weapons will drop from special named mobs that spawn accordingly throughout the map. The nation with the most points by time's end is the winner.)

    Tierra Impermissus ("The Forbidden War") (new war map idea)- On a uninhabited island far off the coast of Nevarath, a hidden excavation site contains a powerful Ancient Legacy Weapon with enough power to control all who stands before you. However Lady Capella and Lord Procyon learn of this powerful device and send their forces to occupy the territory. Will the end of this conflict finally show which leader will control Neverath? ( both sides will start off at 2 camps on opposite sides of the map. These camps are UNCAPTURABLE AND MERELY SERVE AS RESURRECTION/SHOP AREAS. They will then have to race to the center, where there will be a large base ( similar to home base but on a larger scale) where the nations destroy a Ensign to capture the base. The Stronghold will have multiple accessways (war gates) as well as large amounts of tower building areas, where exclusive towers can be built specifically to attack the opposing nation( powerful silos, cannons, etc.). There will also be default attack towers during the 1st base capture to attack both sides. (Like a security system for "intruders".) All accessways are open by default until first capture. Once the base is captured by a respective nation, all attack/defense towers will be destroyed (except for a few) and all members of the opposite nation will be warped back to camp where they may access Legacy Weapons (only 1 can be obtained in your inventory) via NPC to assist them in Stronghold Invasion. The Nation that has possession of the Stronghold WILL NOT receive legacy weapons, but will get slight stat boosts (via power of "ancient Legacy Weapon". Once an access way is down and you've successfully infiltrated enemy base, you must destroy thier Ensign (weaker then the default Ensign) and you will recieve possession of the Stronghold. The Team with possession of the strong hold by times end is the winner.)

    - Discounts on Black Transmuters for easier nation changing.

    - Nation War BB/Premium packages. should include a variety of blessing beads at a discounted price to improve players' war experience and rewards.

    -Lastly winning war bonus will be increased to 20% rather then the standard 10% ( somewhat motivating? XD)

    Please feel free to add any suggestions, as well as adding your feedback to make this even better.

    Link To Event Post:http://forum.cabal.com/showthread.ph...ernal-Struggle
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    Thumbs up

    Event Type:In-Game
    Event Title:Trick or Treat
    Event Summary:You travel around to the different areas killing Grim Reapers for bags of candy. After you collect so many bags of candy you take them to the event NPC and get them exchanged for either a Large Candy Corn, a Large Candy Eye, or a Large Candy Skull. Each large candy gives you different items.

    Large Candy Corn:You obtain after turning in 25 X Candy Bags. Right click to use in inventory and will get either LV3 HP potions that look like smaller candy corn or LV3 MP potions that look like small candy pumpkins.This candy will also drop two types of Blessing Beads. One, Duration 30min. lasts 3 days, or One, Duration 2hr. lasts 3 days. 15% chance for one or the other.

    Large Candy Eye:You obtain after turning in 50 X Candy Bags. Right click to use in inventory and you will get either a Skull Dragon Board (Duration: 5 Days) or Skull Dragon Bike (Duration: 3 Days). You can use each item at LV 25.This candy will also drop two types of Blessing Beads. One, Duration 30min. lasts 3 days, or One, Duration 2hr. lasts 3 days. 25% chance for one or the other.

    Large Candy Skull:You obtain after turning in 100 X Candy Bags. Right click to use in inventory and you will get either Epaulet of Warewolf (Duration: 5 Days), Epaulet of Mummy (Duration: 5 Days), or Epaulet of Zombie (Duration: 5 Days). Each Epaulet can only be equipped at LV 45.This candy will also drop two types of Blessing Beads. One, Duration 30min. lasts 3 days, or One, Duration 2hr. lasts 3 days. 35% chance for one or the other.

    Epaulet of Warewolf:When equipped you will be in a costume that makes you look like a Warewolf. This Epaulet will be like the Epaulet of Fighter.
    Epaulet of Mummy:When equipped you will be in a costume that makes you look like a mummy. This Epaulet will be like the Epaulet of Sage.
    Epaulet of Zombie:When equipped you will be in a costume that makes you look like a Zombie. This Epaulet will be like the Epaulet of Guardian.

    Link to Event Post: http://forum.cabal.com/showthread.ph...eat-event-idea

    I will try to quickly draw up my ideas for the bike/board and the costumes in the near future! ^^" Hope you like it!


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    easy and simple
    Event type In-Game
    Event Title idk dont have name for it
    Event summary just like rol+2 events but this time CR+2 instad of Rol+2
    it could help to get rid some of those alz in game, also price on Cr+2 also : )

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    tl;dr the rest, idk if these ideas were already pitched.
    Event Type: In Game & Out
    Event Title: Cosplay Contest
    Event Summary: Players dress like their characters and the best looking wins...
    Link to Event Post: None

    Event Type: Both?
    Event Title: Item Design Contest
    Event Summary: Other games have it, why shouldnt we? it's pretty simple. The cabal community attempts
    at designing a costume item for the cash shop... you know wep skins, hats, costumes.etc.
    and the cabal community should be able to vote on which costume they like...
    (although it's highly unlikely this one will happen. -_-'')
    Link to Event Post: None

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    We would like to thank everyone who suggested an event. However, it may seem that some of the suggestions listed is more of a wish list than an event suggestion.

    The reasoning behind why the Event Prizes was not included on the Event Suggestion Form is because we want people to focus on the event itself and not the prizes they were going to receive. We would like to see fun and enjoyable event, where everyone can participate and compete with other players.

    Most of the single player events are great, we would still want to see more of those. However, for now we would to see a quick, fun and enjoyable event that involves a group of people to participate.

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    Event Type: in-game
    Event Name: Mercenary Madness
    Event Summary:
    First, EST would have to add more Mercenaries (which is the main suggestion). We need more in the game, at the moment there are only a few special ones you can obtain. During the launch of the new mercenaries, guilds can compete at obtaining the highest DP points for a set period of time. The winning guild of each guild level can obtain a char-binding version of one of the new mercenary cards (Epic or Unique grade would be nice).
    Link to event post: none

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    Event Type: Dance competition
    Event name:....Dance competition?
    Event Summary: Long long long time ago during OGP there was a guild video dance competition. Each guild has a chance to make a video using dance 1/dance2, combination, or action moves to create a dance music video. Each guild level has 1 winner and 1-2 runner ups. Guilds must decide on a "Director" of the video, it could be the guild master, co gm, or anyone in that guild. Only ONE person would send in a video for their guild including their Guild name, level, members who participated in the event, and song that they used. I haven't seen a dance event since that one, and since it was so long ago I think it would be cool to bring it back. Would be a fun guild event, as you said Lorkan, it would be a group event, not 1 person working just for themselves.

    Just a suggestion for the prizes from the event, make it something that the entire guild can benefit from. For example, don't award just the guild master or just the director of the video. Whether it's a guild title, another chance for an emblem, or added funds to guild warehouse. I know a lot of people in level 5 guilds who were disappointed that they weren't able to compete for a guild emblem in the previous guild level up event, this would be a nice chance for them to get one.

    Winners would be based on creativity, how well the song/dance goes together, and how well the video looks overall. GM's would judge but there would be a thread in the forums for everyone to see the videos and be able to comment on them.

    Link to thread: http://forum.cabal.com/showthread.ph...eo-competition

    B>Battle cart 2/3 Air/bloody disc 2/3 1 slot +0 titanium battleboots

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