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Thread: Event Suggestion List

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    Event Type: In-game
    Event Title: Guild Vs World
    Event Summary: Each guild sends out a roster of fighters that will participate. Guild will be put in brackets. Each war will be moderated by GM. Top 3 receives special prize.

    Event Type: In-game
    Event Title: Pimp My Client
    Event Summary: Players design their own client UI skin, and have a poll on the main website to see which is most popular.

    Event Type: Out-of-game
    Event Title: Caballoween
    Event Summary: Make a Holloween costume dedicated to Cabal Online, take picture/video. Best costume wins.

    Event Type: In-game
    Event Title: Endless Battlefield
    Event Summary: For one week, create a new tier for Nation War with no level restrictions. Have that tier have wars back to back with no delay after war - constant nation war, ALL THE TIME. Top 10 scorers of that tier in that week gets something cool.

    Event Type: Out-of-game
    Event Title: Fan-art
    Event Summary: Have a fan-art contest. No brainer, contestants submit up to 3 of their rendition of any of the NPC in Cabal Online and have a vote on which one was the best.

    Event Type: In-game
    Event Title: The Great Escape
    Event Summary: In order to enter, contestant must go to jail. Whoever manages to get out jail fastest wins (they must take a screenshot of the warp before they exit jail)

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    Psykl0ns idea's=win, new war maps+better bonuses for actually winning wars. And while u guys work on that throw in axp or wexp events for random holidays or just to have an event since its been a while....but u should hop on that war stuff

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    Event type: In Game
    Event title: Hunting season
    Even Summary: Kill the fearsome bosses roaming around Nevareth for points

    Ex: Every time you kill a boss you will get awarded something similar to dp which can be Exchanged at yul for an item,
    OR... When you kill a boss your guild will get awarded points and the guild with the highest points will win.
    Note* Fgr bosses will give something like 1 or 2 points while bosses in Pi will give like 4-5 points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xFaLL3NxAng3L View Post
    GM Check Out This Event!!! This would be a very cool event to do next!!!

    * Event Type: In-game
    * Event Title: Vampires And Werewolves Take Over Event
    * Event Summary:
    Vampires And Werewolves are taking over cabal and its up to us to stop them.
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    Is there going to be a winner? or a indication of whos the closest to winning?

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    my event is getting the most positive feedback

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    -Event Type: In-game

    -Event Title: Holiday Map Mayhem

    -Event Summary: For each major holiday/event for example Halloween, Cabal staff make several new maps that have the theme of the holiday/event and it should allow players to vote for the best map! When the voting is done, the new map should be implemented into the game and admission is free during the holiday and after you must pay to get in. You can get permanent non-account binding equips that relate to the holiday/event!

    -Link to Event Post: No link, just thought about this while playing Cabal. =3
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    Quote Originally Posted by [GM] Lorkan View Post
    We would like to thank everyone who suggested an event. However, it may seem that some of the suggestions listed is more of a wish list than an event suggestion.

    The reasoning behind why the Event Prizes was not included on the Event Suggestion Form is because we want people to focus on the event itself and not the prizes they were going to receive. We would like to see fun and enjoyable event, where everyone can participate and compete with other players.

    Most of the single player events are great, we would still want to see more of those. However, for now we would to see a quick, fun and enjoyable event that involves a group of people to participate.
    Here is your problem, you ask us for insight as to what kind of events we the players want to have, then you go right back to what you the gm's want to see.

    See what i did there?

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    [GM] Kato
    Quote Originally Posted by noop View Post
    Here is your problem, you ask us for insight as to what kind of events we the players want to have, then you go right back to what you the gm's want to see.

    See what i did there?
    Just because your event idea wasn't implemented, doesn't mean we haven't looked at it or considered it. The new event isn't the only event we're rolling out in the next few weeks.

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    Event Type: In-game
    Event Title: Find the Ghosts of Nevareth (Halloween Event)
    Event Summary: During the event, players must find the roaming ghosts in different maps, that drop epic stuff.
    Link to Event Post: N/A

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