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Thread: Event Suggestion List

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    Quote Originally Posted by [GM] Snow View Post
    First season may have to be simplistic and straight forward since we are creating it from scratch. The biggest concern right now is rewarding players who complete the Mission Battle rather than just joining and leaving...
    makes sense. Hopefully we'll be able to see this succeed and expand more as players give feedback. I believe a key factor there is creating a simple poll after the event asking if the players would like to see this event again and ask for suggestions to add our improve it.

    Quote Originally Posted by [GM] Snow View Post
    We've done total W.EXP gain in the past, so this is possible. Basing it off of base/point captures in War would not be possible, but a neat idea.
    what options are we limited to for tracking?

    Quote Originally Posted by [GM] Snow View Post
    Dice roll for drop cannot be applied to out of party situations at this time. We currently have two methods of loot for event monsters which is damaged base and just free. The Saints/Golem drop method is different from both of these, as it's time delayed then free. I'd assume it would be inconvenient for people to who have to wait for their drops after killing an event monster.
    well that stinks. Nothing can be done about that then. Is it possible this summer to have a real invasion that can spawn any of the past boss event mobs?

    Quote Originally Posted by [GM] Snow View Post
    We currently can apply bonuses for specific maps/dungeons on specific days, but we currently have just been doing server wide bonuses. We can consider specific bonuses for specific maps/dungeons for future bonuses. The event mention was more of specific benefits for specific drops or monster EXP, which we currently cannot do. But if it was ran in KR service, we should be able to get it here.
    based of the average levels of most players, can they be more focused on the higher level dungeons?

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    Event type: freestyle pvp event
    Event title: 20xx guild tournament
    Summary: All players have a chance to fight in a tournament style guild pvp. An appropriate prize for each level bracket (alz or 1 rare armor piece for winner of each bracket ex: non bound 14 amp osm-forcy piece depending on level range pruzes can be decided later ) Level ranges, same as nation war.
    Rules: GM regulated gears that are only usable when the player is in a competition fight or npc bought gears within set regulations. All skills besides battlemode and aura is allowed. The guild with the most wins in each bracket gets a permanent guild title that will not be attainable ever again and their guild name in a hall of fame fir the year of the event. Same goes for any guild that wins future ones. Also maybe some type of temporary nation war bonus stats.
    link: http://forum.cabal.com/showthread.ph...ght=tournament based off of this thread would definitely have good turnout if gms ran it.
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    RE: ROL+2 Event
    The ROL+2 event was suppose to be a one time thing...that's why it hasn't reoccurred. It was just a collection that allowed players to easily complete in order to obtain ROL+2, which was very valuable at that time.

    RE: GvG Type of Event
    Not sure if you guys remember, but we did run a bunch of test runs in-game with GM hosted GvGs as a basis of a larger event, however it required too much time from both GMs hosting and players participating to organize.

    RE: Drop Rate Event for Specific Dungeons
    Yes, I believe we can run something like this in the near future. Increase drop rates for high end dungeons / increase EXP for low end dungeons for those who are leveling etc.

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    How about wing item?
    They should be available for sale by now.

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    Event Type: Out-of-Game
    Event Title: Ticket mission
    Event Summary: you send a ticket and it gonna be answer in less then 5 minutes
    Link to Event Post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ImwKohmOVs

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    Here's my Idea .

    Event : Level Up event !

    Requirements : to participate Login once a day and level up adleast 2 levels , gain 20 DP per day . ( 1 Month period )

    Prizes : Participants - 30 Day Blessing Bead , 30 Day Random Costume Set , 30 Day Disguise Weapon , 30 Day Random Epulate +8 .

    Grand Prizes : ( Players who login everyday , leveled up adleast 2 levels or more and has gain 20 DP Everyday ) Random Permanent Costume Set , 2x Random Weapon Disguise , Permanent Pet , Permanent Epulate +8 .

    Again you guys can switch it up with the prizes and requirements but I feel that we should do a level up event now that we got 200 level max !

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