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Thread: FIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX THE Problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Angry FIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX THE Problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Game keep saying "the game will restart to recieve an update".

    "Check File" Destroy The Files !

    After Check File Finish The Game Say " Cabal.exe Not Found ".

    Are You Kidding Us ?????????????????????????????????????????????

    Or What ?????????

    If You Cant Fix The Problem Back My Cash To Me , I Will Leave The Game

    Im Already Leaved Because I Cant Play It !!!!!!!!!

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    123.jpg After "Check File"

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    i only need to restart mine once
    try to restart ur computer first

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    i downloaded the game 3 time
    and install the game 99999 time
    and check files 4 time
    and Restart PC 9999 time
    for nothing
    this is cabal team problem

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    its from server i think .. and still w8ing for GMs!!

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    Untitled.jpg The Game Say This All Time

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    Anyway We've been waiting 3 weeks, it seems the Cabal team is unable to do anything

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    But Why The Stupid GM dont say anything about it !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    that what makes me mad !! .. But np .. i wont play this game again if the problem still exists tell tomorrow .. cuz its not my first time to happen with me .. OUCH!!

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