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Thread: FIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX THE Problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Bye bye cry babies. Good riddance
    guild leader

    I'm sorry I'm so blunt if you dont like it grow up beating around the bush is for kids

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    Now Stupid Noobs Time Talking

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    Shadow Titanium I3athtub's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShawKudo View Post
    Attachment 3294 After "Check File"
    same issue
    Prisoner, by my heart and Chained by my soul,
    Fed by the brain While the body suffers it all.


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    Quote Originally Posted by whitetrash View Post
    Bye bye cry babies. Good riddance
    that's better not to reply than saying these stupid - like u - words

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    [GM] Kato
    If you guys are having issues getting into the game, the best place to put in a ticket would be our Help Desk (http://www.cabal.com/Support/HelpDesk).


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