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Thread: GM's please read this...

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    GM's please read this...

    Dear GM's

    I am Julliane, lvl 170 BL, Procyan, Mercury Server. GM of Spartans guild, lvl 3 guild going to lvl 4 very soon...

    I have been running this guild for 2 years now, the first year was on Global and before we hit lvl3 on GLobal we merged and that was left behind...
    I and my members started from scrap on NA and now we are back at that point within one year... (i am not looking for compensation for my old Spartans in Global...)

    Although my Guild has ran into a crisis and I am still trying to repair... I need every second I get to enter Cabal...
    I play 2 hours during work days and maybe 6 hours on my weekends...

    These 2 hours during week days is usually just running with the guild, adding new members and deleting inactive members, helping around, selling and buying, chatting, boss hunting, and the usual social bonding. The weekends is where I advance and make alz on Cabal and I mean full time running dungs for the whole six hours... AOS2, AOS1, IC1, IC2 what ever

    I also am buying a second blade and looking for something specific... U know good offers come and go within a blink... but if u r not online and blocked because of an update... u will just hear abt them and wonder how did u miss it

    As I was saying... these updates and delays keep me blocked out for days... As the Guild master of a Lvl 3 guild going to Lvl 4, As the highest lvl in my guild, as the leader for 90 members... I must be active...

    There is no alternative payment system to refill e-coins in the middle east except for credit cards, but I can not use them for personal reasons... So i have to buy vouchers from other players for high prices... so these delays really blocked me out on any chance on the last sgh days...

    When these updates happen... and prevent me for at least 2 hours when i can be available...
    This is what can or already has happened

    1- I lose members because of my instant absence and I lose the chance to meet new members
    2- No one orders the ranks of my guild and i become inactive to my own guild.
    3- I do not gain alz or have the chance to run any dung
    4- No guild dungeun runs r performed without me.
    5- I lose a chance to find a new blade
    6- I do not get a chance to take advantage of the last days of the event
    7- My current items in the AH could be expired if they didnt sell, or maybe even need a change of price
    8- Every second i waste trying to fix this update could have been my chance to obtain an epic drop
    9- I miss out on each war; therefore i miss out on wexp... and my war rank...
    10- There is alot more of what I am missing out on and what i lose but i do not want to brag anymore...

    What I am trying to say, at this point in Cabal for me, I can not be pushed back and this update is the third time where i waste my week ends trying to fix Cabal...

    Sorry for the inconvenience doesn't really give or solve any problem for me. It does not help my guild, my members, my businesses or even social bonds...
    I do not want pity, I want what the updates takes from me and leave me with... These delays make me feel as if I play underwater with a chain ball on my legs... if there is any conscious or sense, I should be compensated for all the time and losses these updates cause me.

    I apologize for my rudeness but I want u GM's to know, that these mistakes have more then one effect then just blocking people, but also effects everything that revolves around any active player as myself. Please deeply consider this and do not ignore... and it would be cruel to say sorry after having this happen for the third time straight in a row... it is just not fair...
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