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Thread: Titanium blade 40 dmg VS Forci 7% amp

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    Titanium blade 40 dmg VS Forci 7% amp

    Just wondering, what would be better for a FS?
    A titanium blade 40%dmg +10
    A forci blade 7% s.amp +8

    Crit rate right now is 52%, 42% amp, and 110 cd (with no sword).
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    Shadow Titanium
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    Jul 2010
    forci amp all the way, good damage in bm2

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    Titanium munalox1's Avatar
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    Lima- Peru
    yes forci amp

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    titanium 40 cd is better trust me.
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    Depends on your base dmg. The forcy is going to hit quite harder naturally because it has around 70 or so more atk than a tit blade. But then you'll crit harder with a 40% tit blade because don't quote me on this but I believe 7 amp is equal to 10cdi? Anyone know the exact number?

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    and because you have 52% rate you could go with the tit blade and still be alright. Unless you crit you won't do a whole lot of dmg with it though.

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    what ever mang. all i know is your sig is going to be removed by GM
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