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Thread: VC or FT1?

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    uchh haha never seen one in ft1 and i make like 4 at day yesterday i got a EOG+6 666666 XD make me sad that but sometimes i gets sems there, i got a bike blue, but they should improve that dung add eox+7 and those stuff

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    Recently I got 6 uch in a run of FT1 xP my uch record.

    What's cool, any mobs can drop some Bracelet Of Fighter/Magic + 3(CJ6), Vamp earring +3 and some other accessories like every 5 run.

    All FT1 chests except Key Quest 4 Chests, are susceptible to drop Redo/Topaz PC wep.

    But yeah, you have to be able to do solo run around 30 min to make it kind of profitable.

    Lower level chars(lv 140-159), even if it takes more time, tend to have more drop rate. <-Theory based on experience.
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    ft1 drops alot of bluebike, i got like 10 bluebikes from that dg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea View Post
    troll much? don't believe him. but yeah u can solo it up to the gricks lol. beyond that, i doubt u'd even get past the first fire wall, much less Nesbite, Chak, and Orca (of whatever form).

    Back in the old school days (read: no insane hp and def and class specific gear, and definitely no +15 weaps!) at 140, ft1 was still a party (duo at best) dungeon. Bladers (the best solo dungeoner) can do it at 150ish but with epic gears and weaps already. Wiz with unlimited sp ('cuz u definitely need to be in bm2 all the time there lol) can only do so much cuz they are squishy as hell (again, prior to the game breaking overpowering, for some class at least, updates).

    You still need to spend additional 1m for the purity cape (and 10-20m for the cards if u intend to craft the ever elusive amp slotted forcium gear and weap there) but still, the cost of its entry pales in comparison to the sod. Which makes me wonder, wth is up with that? What is it in vc that makes it so costly to get in? I dunno. If it's just the merc quests, u need to do ft1 too anyway for the rare mercs, then the PI boss manticore for unique or something. PI is free lol!
    Not so right I was lv132 & I did reach and killed chakris (20 minutes left, but i quit) Cause i know i won't be able to pass it..and my set is really weak indeed. 890 attack, 700 def and 93% cdi

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    Quote Originally Posted by USB-11 View Post
    Not so right I was lv132 & I did reach and killed chakris (20 minutes left, but i quit) Cause i know i won't be able to pass it..and my set is really weak indeed. 890 attack, 700 def and 93% cdi
    i killed a druga at 125 (entry level of ft1?)...part of the quest then.

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    Since SOD run right around 2m/ea and uch is the best common drop, it'd take roughly 5 uch just to break even on VC unless you luck out on an SEH. Whereas FT1 is usually somewhere between 200k and 400k depending on time and day, and one uchh is all it would take there to make profit. Plus, since the purify epaulet is free now, that doesn't detract from your earnings. So FT1 is overall more profitable if you can solo it
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    My friend bought 3 ft1 entrys and found a blue bike on 2nd and 3rd run. You can't do that in sod can you? :/

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