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Thread: T5 Procs Hacking.... Res being built with no builder... Now thats talent..

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    T5 Procs Hacking.... Res being built with no builder... Now thats talent..

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    unless its a video SS wont prove anything.

    you are more than likely lagging.

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    i saw it too we watched it build itself dont tell me we were both laggin

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    it happened so many times in war from 2008-present. its probably glitched -.- u kil the guy and lag and it ends up like that

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    Didnt know that even if you kill the builder it could still be completed.... I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥ I SHOULD start lagging when im building so my builds get completed anyways lol. SO PRO THANKS FOR THE TIPS ^^

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    i saw it 2 but i dont know if i was lagging/glitching

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    there is also a vid of it out there ss is just clearer pic

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    We were all glitched/lagged apparently... YET THE BUILDS FINISHED WITH NO BUILDER

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    lol glitch ---look man i run from e4 to w8 both base build by itself....and i capture it with frap ..i post it up in hack forum....but here the thing both base spawn res + warp + hp health all at the same time and is complete without anybody building it ....not only at e4 and w8 its happen all over proc base.....

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    Post the link so everyone can see it ^^... Next time ill get a SS with frap lol

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