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Thread: Solo dung stat requirements? (ic1, ft1, hard dx)

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    Jul 2011
    Ft1 does not make good amount of money those days so duo is not good option for this dung
    Pll have to ask about the lvl and what they need to solo no way that u can solo it with any thing and that is it
    Never the less it makes u feel that u can do it ,makes u feel confident but ya u have to try the dung alone or get some1 behide u to back u up and gl

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    Thanks for the info guys it really helped
    --- Work in progress

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    ok here my tips to all warrrior out there...osmium set+6 can solo FT1,IC and dx dungeon it a matter of timing of bm mode...especially if you know how to retargeting..that will be best..

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