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Thread: CABAL Episode VII : The 3rd Awakening presents: The Race to 190!

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    CABAL Episode VII : The 3rd Awakening presents: The Race to 190!

    Champions of Nevareth,

    CABAL Episode VII: The 3rd Awakening is on the way, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, we are rewarding the first player to reach level 190 with a true staple of the latest update.

    The first player to reach level 190 on their server will receive their choice of the following:

    Ring of Luck +3
    Critical Ring +3

    These items have no duration; the winner of this event will be able to treasure their chosen item forever. The race is on.

    These powerful, brand new items are only available in CABAL Episode VII: The 3rd Awakening.

    Prepare yourselves, Champions. The 3rd Awakening begins on March 7th.

    *Note: The winners will be publicly announced and will receive their prizes within 48 hours of completion. All prizes will be character bound.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Current Standings~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    MagicalStar has achieved 190!


    WiggindudeWI has achieved 190!
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    o.o Swagg!!!??

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    LOL K...........................
    RIP El Shaddoll Construct =(

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    LOL deng. Who can spend the most on premium and exp beads go go go!

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    Lmao @ this event >_> people have lives and school n work to go to ... we can't no life cabal anymore meng
    次の舞・白漣, Tsugi No Mai , ~Jay ~ Jayc ~ Jet Plane ~

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    this event shows the real interest of Gms to the cabal community...

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea View Post
    A radical suggestion. You really have to motivate people to either start (or keep) playing this game.
    ^ for ESTsoft

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    so does this mean that the level of difficulty of obtaining a rol3 or cr3 is that hard? You would think that between the time a person grind from 180 to 190(excluding no life grinding) and I don't know how long it would take if you regular grind(aka anything besides no life grinding), you would obtain either one or two already. Just my thoughts....
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    that 2% more dmg/rate so goooood

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    DREI FRAME EPPY OF GUARDIAN to the first lvl 190 would be worth that no life'ing shiiz but 2 more rate? no thnx *5 years to be lvl 190*


    I'm actually 180 o.o

    ~Contra Mundi~

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    Im ready for the 190 update!

    WTS> Oath of Scraficesx40, on a lv133 character with lvl booster, BB+, 100% exp bead 30 days..... PM Offers



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