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Thread: Upgrading and Hono Rank

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    Exclamation Upgrading and Hono Rank

    my friend says that Honor rank helps you upgrade items Osmium+1-15 ya know? so i was wondering if there is any truth behind the relation of how high you can + and your Honor Rank

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    your friend is a troll
    *Removed by GM* Troll on the loose

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    Thats not true, well I guess, thats what the OB players of cabal have been telling me when i started playing, I thought it was true but like what the best FA of cabal NA up there have said, theyre just trollin ><...well i think. LOL

    They say its pure luck. Roll a dice, thats how it works (500 being the median of fail and success). Upgrading is a gamble. If you think normal like alot people in this game, this is how you construe the concept of upgrading. I've witnessed this in action too, people doing it slowly and even people just spamming the cores and getting there.


    Some people have their own silly rituals. Im one of them...due to the fact that my ritual worked ONCE up to +14 (and this is w/o safeguards).

    Like I believe that a lag free environment results to more success. My early 6-7 a.m morning time here is just the right time to upgrade my equips - most channels are empty. And I noticed my upgrade attempts succeeds more around that time compared to afternoons and evenings. I +13 my rw3 (now +15 tnx to 1 safeguard) and helm using enhanced cores during the morning and I also +14 sig wi event suit on a lag-free morning which alot of people knows.

    Same thing with my safeguards. I bought four and just used one to +15 my topaz orb from +11, this time i went to a quiet (lag-free-just-me) spot because it was kinda of a busy server on a afternoon. The 3 were wasted because i attempted to +15 (+13 atm) my helm on an afternoon IN NATION WAR. So the ritual might be crazy and I know people will say its no different than PURE LUCK, but it is what ive been doin so far and its working. LOL

    I know a couple of people who have their own upgrade tricks (i call em rituals LOL) but Im in no permission to share so I cant.

    But the reason why i posted the nonsense...pure luck or ritual blah blah blah is because I noticed something goin on there. If you look at those pure luck youtube videos and ask me if I know them? yeah I do know them, and I know their honor ranks too..and so far those +15 forcium (uchh items, cant use safeguard high) people, drifter,han,romp,bumba if you look at the hr...and maybe...im not assuming but just maybe....the trolls could be right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaMiaYoe View Post
    Do you think success can be affected by being in party or not or having prem/bb?

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    I dont think so.
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    I did it again today. Early morning times are really d best!
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