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Thread: amp scrolls

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    amp scrolls

    Do you get these from breaking any item that has amp in the slot or does it need to be a certain +. Any help would be aprreciated. Also wanted to know, there are no longer any lvl 2 random from force cores? example if i use random scroll i cant get amp in my gloves or boots?

    thanks for the help

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    to have a chance of getting an amp scroll, it has to have amp in the slot and be a decent high + but its rarer than crit rate and max crit rate scrolls. Dont know about your second question.
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    No it will not be possible in random still. Only from the amp scrolls.

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    Btw, what`s the chance to get crit and max crit rate scrolls from +7 or above items?
    Slotted with these options, of course. Is it still similar to Saint`s Requiem ep?
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