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Thread: Killian quest

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    Killian quest

    two things:

    1. will getting to the last form of Killian and killing it (hence party'ing for speed run) a must to be able to drop the tonsil sooner?
    2. and if and when the tonsil does drop, isn't it cb? (like the raw ring of Merg) or no?

    reason I asked 2 is i saw this

    or he's planning to buy a character? lol

    thanks for any info (and not a troll info pls^^)

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    It's tradable and not cb the ring itself is cb

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    lol that's me

    and yes it is trade able , if you look at the screen shot where you clicked the link, you will notice it does not say character or account bind anywhere
    also it does not say "drop not allowed" so you can even... THROW IT ON THE GROUND ! throw the rest of the drops too....

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    eod2 50 runs no ring


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    ok thanks...


    i really thought the raw drop was like the raw ring of evil spirit from merg which was cb

    all good.

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