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Thread: Bikes vs Board

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    ai.. what did u eat to make u so smart..? pho?
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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilAi View Post
    perfect rw3 for a perfect build i'd say all resis rate for pvp/war or all amp for pve. Cuz ppl with perfect build already had 7/40 x3(14/80 and 7/40 for WA) or some shet like that, so they dont really need rate from bike.
    yeah but this is cabal, not Perfect World lol. Am just exploring a good alternative to the board, cuz I'm now in badly need of defense and defense rate which kreds don't give.

    Come to think of it, how possible is it to even create a bike like that? Was just looking at the blue bikes (it has all the ingredients except for a crafted one) and you can actually create a near-kred blue bike at a staggering cost of 4b! (+15 upgrade not factored yet lol). inb4ihave74bsothat'snothing

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