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Thread: Seven coins set

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    Seven coins set

    so is there a certain amount of 2 slot drop percent u need to see a difference.

    IE I got 2300 2 slot drop atm and was wondering if that is enough to get 2 slot drops?

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    its a joke/scam

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    >4000 but then again it didnt work so yeah...take me for a troll (as i got trolled b4 lol)

    and "when" rosc actually works (including everyone in the server or party must have at least 4000 lol or that 2 slots refer to the spaces the item will occupy on your inventory and not the slots per se of the item) was a subject of discussion as heatedly spammed and debatable as "do we get amp in slot in random" (from way way back) or "cd is better than amp and vice versa" or "raising ur craft level will make you craft pc more and/or succeed often" or "how to get the golden entrita out" lol, pretty much trolled info all

    there's a new one brewing...ur hr affects ur success in craftin, drop, and upgrading in this game, lol. it's up to u what to make of it, cuz me, i don't know and I don't care
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    as per my experience in 2slot accesories..its work but not big as you expecting...

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    I have a +6900% 2slotdrop set on EU and i can confirm it works (pretty well actually), but as indicated, it all depends on what you were expecting.

    With the last episode they changed a lot in the droprate tables on slotted and double slotted. 2slotted are now more commanly dropped, even without a dropset, but the difference is still very noricable in my case.
    On a regular basis, I can get 3 to 4 2slotted per LID run for example. Not always, but often
    On maps like FR, i get 2slotted every 15-20 mins

    but the question about 2slotdrop is not its functionality, but its current purpose : crafting is dead and as a consequence normal map farming is too: there is simply no demand for 2slotted anymore.

    The only purpose you have left is as chest opener in a partyfor dungeonrunning... but that isnt a fun job, tbh, as most people have unrealistic expectations...

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    Actually it seems to shape other drops as much as it adds 2 slot drops.

    Lets say you are running EoD1 with no 2 slot drop gear -- You get very few discs and almost never see an EoD2 ep drop.
    If you run EoD1 with a bunch of 2 slot drop gear -- You get a lot of discs and you get an EoD2 ep more runs than not.

    Key levels to me at least seem to be having some vs having none, around 600%+, and having a really high number -- but it isnt like a light switch -- it is more gradual -- of course not having a 6900 set I cant say if there is another tranche in there somewhere.

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