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Thread: How can I be an accomplished wizard in war?

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    How can I be an accomplished wizard in war?

    I'm looking for tips on how to be good in war. any advise is greatly appreciated. (currently farming T1 war btw)

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    Start lvling, reach as high as possible then reroll or Spend 10k USD on the game you be pro than eva

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    Motivate yourself. There's different ways to do that. The way I do it is that I search YT videos that inspires me to play a certain class. And then It gives the feeling/urge of being able to do the awesomeness these guys are showing in the video. Then ofcourse it starts with HOW? your curiousity will make you try ways/tests/experiments to make it work.

    I wanna learn to war with WI too. When it comes to movement, the wi blink chase astounds me 100%.

    But overall when it comes to what really motivates me - I really have a thing with players who have mediocre gears yet they are very smart with control like this....

    So yeah, thats my way to learn LOL just motivate myself watching videos.
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    buy lots of sp packs

    stay in aura/bm1/bm2/bm3 all the time

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    This ^
    Thanks EST for helping resolve a problem!

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    Quote Originally Posted by plzbuffme View Post
    buy lots of sp packs

    stay in aura/bm1/bm2/bm3 all the time
    unfortunately this is what every class does...in higher tiers they do it more now just because they need to in order to combat BM3, that is if they don't have BM3 too. The only real downside to this though is you need to be fairly wealthy because SP packs can get expensive...However, a good WI should never have to buy and use SP packs....if you do, I believe it's an indicator that your not using BM/Aura wisely....but then again, it's usually the selfish, I want to get as much points as possible type of WI who run around in BM all the time...so yeah, they'll need SP packs.

    However, as for the question of how to be good in war (at least T2 and up), the first step is to ask yourself why are you going to war? are you going for yourself, for fun or to help your nation win? Most go for themselves so they can get lots of Wexp to trade for honor, rune and armor cubes. In this case, no one will consider you a good WI because War is a team game, if your a selfish soloist looking for points or bringer title, you are no where near being a good WI (this goes for any class trying for nothing but pts).

    Then you have people who go to actually help their nation win...if that's your thing then the way to be really good and have teammates praise you is simple....

    1. "KEEP EVERYONE BUFFED AT ALL TIMES"....that means keep up the SP, SI, FI, Hardness, Regen, Sharpness buffs....learn which classes need or want which buffs the most and keep them buffed even after they die, respawn and come back to battle. This means cancel your SI and recast it so the player who just died can get it again...it makes a huge difference when you keep your teammates buffed. Also, try to use SP buff when most or all your team is around...I hate when I see a WI use SP buff with only 1 teammate in range while the rest of the team is just around the corner or just outside of the buff range and they only have 1 SP bar left LOL...that is a fail WI in my opinion...just as is a WI who only buffs you in the lobby and never buffs your teammates again the rest of the war....it really is a lot of these types of WI...especially in T2 and T3...not so much in T4...

    2. "KEEP MOVING"....learn to blink/fade/dash combo (sorry if you have a bad connection though)...never stand still too long as a WI when enemies are near....it's often too hard to click target someone in large battles especially when huge guardians or legacy cores are in the way...so people rely on z button (auto target)...so if you keep moving and try to keep a tank between you and the enemy, chances are you won't get targeted long enough to be worried about dying...not only that but you will break the combo of classes that try to target and combo you. Sometimes it's good to double fade/blink/dash too ....

    3. "SCOUT THE MAP"....get around the map, call out enemy positions to your team/nation (number of enemy, location of their bringer, types of classes they have and what they are doing or where they are heading)....seek out enemy builders and at all cost stop them from building any res anywhere. If you die, respawn and rush back and try to take them out again or call reinforcements to take them out....this is often the one biggest thing that makes a difference in war...one side building a res everywhere and the other side not building a res because they are too busy fighting enemies or trying to take a base...it means the enemy gains a foothold so that they can reinforce their position on the field of battle while your side is spending 2+ minutes rebuffing and traveling back to the contested point....without a good scouting WI (though FB or a good FS can do it too, just not as fast), it's difficult stop res builders.

    Another thing, WI is the best class at decoy tactics too....such at getting into the enemy base and have them chasing you around for 5 minutes trying to kill you....seriously, I once occupied 6 enemies in their base with my WI for over 20 minutes ...too bad my team was so bad they couldn't use that to their advantage....main thing though is I couldn't get out of the base LOL, so might as well have some fun with killing and annoying them....I kept killing some and running from the ones I couldn't kill...tje FB couldn't catch me...well he rooted me once but I combo him quickly and locked him in stun/Kd lock, then root wore off and I got away...he never caught up with me again (multi blink/fade is your friend LOL)....eventually they all just gave up and left the base and I took out the base with BM2 + Aura. It was one of the moves that saved the war for us as we won by only a few points.

    4. "PLAY SMART"....this means don't get in over your head...don't fight multiple enemies alone unless your sure you can handle them...don't keep fighting the enemy when their guardian is 5% away from dying as it's better to try and take out the guardian than to take out the enemy player....Pay attention to the map and what direction enemies are attempting to take bases....pay attention to how fast a base is lost or won as it can often can tell you about the enemy forces in that area....also when your nation has taken a guardian down to say less than 50% HP and the other nation comes along and kills you all or scare your team off...when they start taking the guardian out, sit back and let them...as soon as they kill it, blink in and claim the legacy core for your side....many players don't know that the nation who does the most damage to the guardian gets first dibs on taking control of the point no matter which side kills the guardian...the other nation has to wait a certain time period before they can claim the core....try your best to get a guardian built as well...it's easy to do once you get practice at it...you'll likely die doing it but the impact you had from this one suicide mission is very powerful influence on the war, gaining favor for your side....also one other thing, if the enemy is taking a large guardian, they will most likely lose a lot of HP in the process....wait until of them are low on HP, then blink in, slap them with a few AOE attacks and kill as many of them as you can, then run...not only does it slow down the enemy's efforts to kill the guardian but it's fun as hell to do and get away with it.

    Overall, it's things like this that make you good and others believe you are a good player in general, not just a good WI....damage and killing enemies might be fun and may be what you ultimately want to do...but remember, this is not basic deathmatch...it's Nation War where there are a lot of roles to be played other than being a killing machine...find your niche and perfect it...you'll be respected more in the long run. After a while, you'll become good at nearly everything anyway....nothing beats experience though, that's the best teacher of all.

    As for gear and such, just focus on high base magic attack and getting very good with quick fast movement while comboing....you really can rely on your teammates to mitigate damage for you just by using proper buffs and placement when you move.

    Sorry so long but just thought I'd try and say all I had to say in one post...I hate coming back and keep reposing 50 times, 2 maybe 3 times is ok, but not many more than that

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    its all about skills. if u have skills like mine. you could take bringer title naked
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    It takes practice and motivation to be good in war. Although gear is a factor towards scoring high, don't let that demotivate you. I usually score 1st place in T2 war when a certain someone isn't there. However, I do this with simply my Shadow Titanium gear. So yes, war is based off of skill and some extent of gear. Keep practicing!

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