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Thread: Hidden Helper T Quests

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    Question Hidden Helper T Quests

    According to what I've read elsewhere in these Forums, the Hidden Helper T Quests were removed during a previous update. If so, any GOOD reason why they were removed? I was really hoping to use them as filler quests between the end of the Original Main Story Line, and whatever was to have come along, such as a further questline at above the last HHT Quest Level on the list.

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    because the add the quest capsules for low lvs

    buying lv3 Sword carts and dark disc

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    Quote Originally Posted by cerverus3 View Post
    because the add the quest capsules for low lvs
    not a good reason, T helpers gave u xp, items, and alz. new quest capsules give u very lil xp only.

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    My theory on why they removed HHT quests (And I think I'm quite accurate on this)
    You can get to lvl 60+ in like what 5-10 hours? There were like 4~6 quests in the HH series that gave you Odd Circles x 2 for completing them. This drew attention away from buying Odd Circles from the cashshop since players can devote a part of their day to get 8-12 odd circles just by spending a few hours of making a new character. People not buying Odd Circles from cashshop diverts attention away from needing ecoins, which in turn makes ESTsoft lose money since ppl didn't need ecoins for odds.
    The other crap from HHT was useless, cept MAYBE the honor points from killing bosses multiple times. (but that surmounted to like 50k honor trololol)
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