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Thread: Crash after Maintenance

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    Question Crash after Maintenance

    After the Maintenance today, i can't play game, after choosing character the game just run for few minutes then all the computer is freezed. All i can do is restart my computer. I turn off every application i can, set the lowest setting for the game, the result is still the same. All these problem start just after the Maintenance, can any one tell me why?

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    having those issues my self... i really want to play

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    I have the same problem >.<
    Tried everything even reinstalled cabal, still have the same problem.
    Anyone know what to do? Or what cause this issue? Pls help :/

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    I am getting the same problems, I already sent in a ticket, awaiting response.

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    I get the same, too... I feel like cabal want it the only program operate in my lap.
    Let's try those:
    0. Put it in exclusion in firewall, anti-virus? (not sure)
    1. End web browser? End chatting program? (get to game a little bit and not help for me)
    2. Uninstall the Flash play, maybe the cause of the update from adobe 11.3+. Some proved, but it was not working for me.
    3. Put off the google update in msconfig, by go Start/Msconfig... (not help for me)
    4. Put it in Data Execution Prevention? (Help me at this moment)
    Hope supporter response soon.

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    I sent a ticket to GM's and this is what they told me to do:

    It didn't work for me... but it might work for u guys.

    If image is small pls refer to this one http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/407/crashsb.png/
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    try doing a file check on your cabal but if its the same thing im getting you may need to start checking your hardware as im replacing my processor

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