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Thread: ShadowTitanium +10 [7% Skill Amp.] Vs Forcium +6 [3% Skill Amp.] Suits

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    Exclamation ShadowTitanium +10 [7% Skill Amp.] Vs Forcium +6 [3% Skill Amp.] Suits

    which is better to PvE and PvP with [for a Warrior] :-

    ShadowTitanium +10 [7% Skill Amp.] Suit


    Forcium +6 [3% Skill Amp.] Suit

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    45 views and no replies ... come on guys post what do you think

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    Jan 2012
    well for pve the forci would be better
    pvp the shadow titanium one since its 4 more amp but at the same time you get way more def with the 3 amp one so its up to how much dmg/amp/rate/base attk you have

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    pve and pvp forci will only help u best with low def targets that do alot of dmg (ex wi, fa) and newbie dg like sod
    however high def targets will require more amp to break through def (like higher dg like ic1+, or t4 and beyond)
    u can mix and match for example boots+gloves stit/osmi with 7 amp and suit forci with 3-5amp for def
    aim for at least 40+ amp after t3 or lvl 140+
    sub def with hp vamp and hp absorb limit
    Hope this helped ;D

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