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Thread: crashing every damn 30secs ....

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    crashing every damn 30secs ....

    come back to play this game after years/months just to keep getting d/ced every damn 30secs or more...getting sum random error crap sumtimes when i get d/ced it dosent even tell me an error. dont tell me to disable my anti-virus i shouldn't have to disable anything to play a damn game...

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    Same here. MAY be Server-Side Issues, ESTSoft's Internet Service Provider, the World Wide Web, or even your/my own Internet Service Provider (Comcast for me.../:P). Also check your High Speed Internet Modem or even your house's Network Hub, if it has one, for proper operation. But very likely, it's a Log-In-Time-Out Malfunction of some sort that the GMs' IT Guru(s) will need to look into ASAP...lol.

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