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Thread: Lowest Level Mobs/Bosses/Zones(s)/Dungeon(s) for Forcium Equipments to Drop?

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    Question Lowest Level Mobs/Bosses/Zones(s)/Dungeon(s) for Forcium Equipments to Drop?

    As the title says, at what level, and which zones(s)/dungeon(s)/mobs/bosses would a player start seeing Forcium Equipments drop from? I am wondering about this, as I'd like to be able to sell the Socketed, and Special Ability/Attribute Booster Forcium Armors and Weapons at Lady Yekaterina's Brokerage House, or to the highest bidder on a PM basis. Even the Forcium Raw Materials would be acceptable drops for me, beyond a certain character level, as I could either sell them to would-be crafters, or use them for my own eventual crafting needs. Anyone, please discuss? Thank you in advance...

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    Forcium 2 slots can drop in ic2, aos2, ft2, mo. Anything with 7dp+. Also in all DX dungeons on Hard Mode.

    Forcium 1 slot can drop from ic1, but only from the optional chest from the three colored stones).

    As far as I know, Forcium with a craft on it (green or purple lettered) can drop in any dungeon that also drops normal 2 slots.

    Forcium (0 slots, 1 slot, or 2 slot, but no crafts) can drop in PI from mobs but at a low rate. Also drops from PI bosses.
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    Thanks, Peaches, for your prompt reply. Anyone else have anything to add?

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    IC2 and aos2 are the easiest party dungeons to drop crafted forcium. Hard and premium dx dungeons can as well but it's pretty rare to get even crappy forcium drops.

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