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Thread: Basic Craft Amity? help plz

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    Exclamation Basic Craft Amity? help plz

    hi guys, i was checking the basic crafting and when i try to learn new receipy i get "not enough amity" message

    1- what is amity?

    2- how to get it?

    thanks in advance

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    76 views and nobody replied

    i need help please

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    Amity is your crafting experience, kind of like you level, but for crafting. You get it by crafting items that are at a lower level at Chloe in PL.

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    if u were maxed basic when the new system came, just register fchh x 5 (the first and ONLY item u can do in the 8-9k tier) and keep doing that until 8200 amity to be able to do uchh x 5 next. every craft is worth 4 amity, pass or fail. then when u can finally do the end game ones pch, sehh, etc, u'd realize it will fail a lot TOO lol.

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