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Thread: Orb or Crystal

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    Orb or Crystal

    Hey guys iam new to the game and iam fa and i really need your help to decide to go with orbs or crystals as i saw people say orbs and others say crystals and some say one orb with one crystal and i really cant decide so plez tell me should i use 2 orbs or 2 crystals or 1 orb with 1 crystal ?
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    go with the native weap

    they said cryst will have 20% dmg boost after the update but up to now i don't see the numbers

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    They are the same. In this update, orb has higher magic but with new calculation they make the same damage. So u should choose which is cheaper.

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    but crystals got more attack rate so if they have the same damage crystals would be better right ? and i dont care about the price i just want to know which is better

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    If u count att rate, so yes, it's better

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    Quote Originally Posted by aientd311 View Post
    orb has higher magic
    Ever since and not just after this update. Stat require was a min str (all u gotta follow was wiz's) so that's added int and mattk. Fa's have lots of attk rate regardless. So I don't see the advantage of the cryst,

    They are the same. In this update...with new calculation they make the same damage.
    That's what I mean by not seeing the numbers. Unless their application of formula to compute for damage goes beyond (and undisclosed at that) the basic parameters of this game, that is, the more mattk of the magic class, the better. If that is the case (of having a separate outside-of-the-box formula) that is ridiculous.

    They successfully eradicated cross dressers with added hp and complete set bonus if u stick to ur own native set. This time I was hoping that the announced (or rumored?) 20% dmg boost will compel the Fa's to embrace back their own native astral weap. And that change was gonna be as obvious as it will show in the stat and numbers. But no. Now they have to tweak the formula and break all known parameters, lol if what ur saying is true

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    ok but you still didnt tell me what is better fo fa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahmed73 View Post
    ok but you still didnt tell me what is better fo fa

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea View Post
    go with the native weap

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    In short, orbs are better than crystals, but the difference is negligible. As for the stats, if you have decent armor, the stat difference between them is unimportant. Go with whatever you can afford.

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    Blades are obv better than Orbs
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