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Thread: Orb or Crystal

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    Orb or Crystal

    Hey guys iam new to the game and iam fa and i really need your help to decide to go with orbs or crystals as i saw people say orbs and others say crystals and some say one orb with one crystal and i really cant decide so plez tell me should i use 2 orbs or 2 crystals or 1 orb with 1 crystal ?

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    Feb 2011
    WA: Greatsword or Daikatana
    BL: A Blade and a Katana
    FA: Two Crystals
    WI: Two Orbs
    FS: A Blade and a Crystal
    FB: A Katana and an Orb
    That's the standard but people go what they want and change their stats in accordance.

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