I'm now a t2 WA, I was looking for tips on getting kills, scoring higher, hitting harder, and really surviving. Right now I'm struggling with money, I'm working on a second wa since all my other chars are naked, that way the two of them can share gear and my other wa can do dungeon. My main wa is going to stay t2 until hr11/12 or I have enough saved up for forci 8 and stage 3 bm3. whichever comes last. knowing my luck with drops I'll get hr20 before I make that money. So I need help on how to do better in war, my average score recently is about 140-220 and k/d is 6-10/8-20. My deaths really annoy me. My armor isn't very well +d I'll work on that when and if I get the chance. I'm just looking for tips in anything war related. When to use bm2 for example because I'm told it's very strong I find it to be damn near useless unless I'm in pve and even then BS and combo do the same amount of damage as BS and bm2 it seems like. Combos against certain classes and things like that would be great too. I attached pictures of my gear and stats.Attachment 7922Attachment 7923Attachment 7924Attachment 7925Attachment 7926Attachment 7927Attachment 7928