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Thread: Battle Mode 3

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    Battle Mode 3

    On some days, I was wondering if pays off using all fatal attacks of battle mode 3 due synergies and dps and whatever that is.
    Then, discuss about this topic

    Sorry if my English is bad.

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    forgot to add somethings.
    What about solo and party dugeon?

    I actualy use: AABA, ABAA, I, II, III in big groups with only one WA.
    Solo: ABAA, BAAB, I, II, III.

    I played with FA, and its only use I.
    Sometime ago, i saw that damage per second of III was good, cuz it was almost the same cast time tem A/B.

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    its always situational. I'll post some guidelines:

    -whenever you triple stack synergies, only use fatal I.
    -when double stacking synergies you have time to use fatal I, II, and III
    -if you need crowd control (knockdown) then you want to use all 3 fatals (pretty much always in pvp)
    -regarding synergies: ABAA always first priority
    -in some cases AABA gives more DPS than BAAB, even solo. think of it this way: almost any world boss AABA > BAAB.

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    Hm, ty.
    That's what i was expecting
    Thanks for answering, if any gm appear, could close the topic.

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