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Thread: Need WI Help

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    Need WI Help

    I got a couple of question that id like to know after all this updates i would like to know what would be best to have for wizard..

    WAR Type Wiz:

    1. Is it better to have more MCR and Max Rate it.. than lose some rate in exchange for ros+10?

    ex: 59/59 with 160cd..... VS...... 47/57 with 170cd

    2. If a wiz got a high honor like hr 15 and above, does defense still matter? would it be ok to wear low def +15 and had some resist on it?

    3. Is Acid Trap skill still usable these days?

    4. Is it ok to have left hp on gears but going for higher honors?

    5. Is having more CD better than having more base?

    6. If a wiz got a high honor hr15 or higher, what would be best to have as a charm... Saphire? Amber? or Ruby?

    7. 1amp is equal to how many CD?

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    Just my recommendations here.

    1. dont use ros+10
    2. def always matters
    3. acid trap is good because it still does dmg over time
    4. idk what your asking
    5. depends on what your asking. i wouldnt recommend high cdi phery/aqua orbs over a good cdi topaz/sig/FC orb
    6. Amber
    7. its like 3-4 but your comparing apples to oranges here

    hope this helps you a little bit.

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