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Thread: Admins read this

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    Exclamation Admins read this

    Hi there. I have sent some tickets about my cousin getting banned a few months ago because he "pretended" to be a GM. I saw a complaint made about him (his name is Sayone) saying how he asked for the other person's wife's details or etc. Me and him always play together and I was there during that time and I remember what happened. I don't deny that he didn't pretend to be one, but this is what happened. I was watching my cousin play (I didnt bring my laptop that night) and he was in Port Lux. By the Volcanic dungeon entrance, there were three players who seemed like using bots. Two were definately bots as how fast they went to the next monster and did not pick up any items including cores. Then there was this player (forgot the name) and he did the same. Sayone (he hates bot users) said "are you a bot" or something like that and asked him a few questions to comfirm it. He did not reply, but then he finally replied a few min after saying no. Then Sayone said "Ah, I was gonna report you guys if you were cause I hate bots (they are annoying but they lag Sayone's computer, too xD) and I know some of the GMs in this game whos really close to me". I don't recall him asking about that player's wife or something. When I found this complaint about him, I laughed and was angry at the same time, thinking he can use that as an excuse to ban a 5 years CABAL fan.

    This was the complaint.
    "Hello GMs theres a player in game pretending to be a GM his name is Sayone hes a 109 FS and he was trying to ask my wife personal info.... we all know GMs don't need any such info from us players...ill try to get a SS posted as soon as possible her computer is being a pain atm if any GMs have a way of looking at a characters chat without the SS please do so before other innocent players get harmed from players like him thanks....oh yeah help desk is down too" - Forgot the name D:

    You guys will be thinking we are lying, then GMs, please check the last record about it and please unban Sayone because he never did anyting wrong in anything before. Believe or not, he was a CM of other few games (GM's assistant) and he would never hack people like that. The player who made that complaint is a complete fool and the reason I am posting this topic now is because we (me and Sayone) are still confused how he got banned and when I saw that complaint, I was so angry at how he can just change the words and the CABAL support workers just believed him.

    If you unban Sayone, we are planning to come back to the game together, since we have played together for the last 4-5 years. Check both of our histories if we have done anything wrong. Thus, it's like asking for one more chance with Sayone, but trust me, he never did anything like that like what it says on the complaint. I remember that the complaint was like level 62 or something. Why would me or Sayone try to hack him when that person has titanium +3s and Sayone got full Shineguard +11s. Please reconsider this GMs, and get back with us please.

    I have asked you this a few times before and the reason I am doing this is because Sayone can't post anything cause of that and I happened to be looking at forum today and found that complaint about him that got me angry. If he really did it, he would not be confused and angry about how he got banned.

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    So because he's never done anything wrong before hand he should just get a slap on the wrist and a no thats bad? I seen the screen shots the dude said he was a gm and had a pretty good conversation with this person regardless if he thought they were using "bots" pretending to be a gm in any game is ban-able. I never tolerated anyone that pretended to be a gm in any of the games i ran gm for. He deserves what he got should have thought about it before he pretended to be a gm and asked way to personal questions.

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