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Thread: Crash on entry

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    Crash on entry

    is anyone getting kicked out completely from the game when they try to enter a dungeon? i've reinstalled and tried nothing is working.

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    Sep 2013
    Same in Cabal Brazil...

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    Yup, only in my main character, entered with my alternate account and could run one Lake in Dusk without any problem. I hope they fix this thing soon. Good luck.

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    it has started doing it to me now also, have submitted a help desk ticket. Started after i finished an ic1 run this morning with a guildie, now it is still doing it 11 hours later. I dont know why they need a screenshot, how do you take a screenshot of the game when its crashed?

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    same here

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    Dec 2013
    I think you can record your screen
    I just got auto-kick when enter the second AOS1 after finish the first AOS1 with my guildmate
    Both of us cant enter any dungeon anymore

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