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Thread: Upcoming Changes to Moral Shout/Bear's Vitality?

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    FA is one of the hardest to catch ( 2nd to BL since they evade 100% atk and 100% resist immovable). Even my wiz can crit 2.5k lance on a FA, it's not easy to kill that FA if he/she intents to run. Maybe I'm a nub o.o
    So, FA is not broke in war, 1st high range + 2nd high dps + high survive chance, not thing else to ask

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    I ask for a low range attack - a force chase skill will be really fun to have for a FA. A bow jab, slice or whatever. Just something low range.
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    i think the solution to all of this would be to give GL more hp, and a mezz immune buff.
    problem solved?

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