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Thread: Red Garlie,Dungeon Clear

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    Red Garlie,Dungeon Clear

    Hi all,

    Just having a prob with a dungeon quest on my second char. A level 7 wizard. Not sure if anyone else has had the same issue, so thought I'd post here. The quest gives you around 5 minutes to clear some red garlies. Thats fine easy to do, there is a garlie captain, that takes a bit longer, but still plenty of time. But when they are all done there is another garlie captain, that appears after they are all dead, In red (higher than my wizard) and he is almost like an elite, or a boss. He takes forever to kill and there is no way you can get it done in the 5 minutes. Am I missing something? Or is it a glitch. So it leaves me with a failed quest and no other quests to do. I can't get past the quest, have levelled and apparently can't get any more till this one is done..How stupid, you should be able to get more quests than that, instead of being stuck on one

    Any ideas would be appreciated

    Update: Problem solved. I just levelled up a level first, then went back in..that extra level gave me the power to get the job done in time

    Thanks in Advance

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