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Thread: Botter Guild <TOKIS> in Mutant Forest

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    Botter Guild <TOKIS> in Mutant Forest

    There are 5 botters in Mutant Forest from the guild <TOKIS>. I reported BucklerDyanmic and KiteDyamnic two months ago, but I still see one of them.

    Here are the botters as follows:
    Channel 2 EscutcheonDynmic lvl 148 FS
    Channel 5 KiteDynamic lvl 148 FS
    Channel 7 SoulTamashi lvl 147 FB
    Channel 8 DreamYume lvl 147 FB
    Channel 9 SinTsumi lvl 146 FB

    I am unsure of whether to use the illegitimate software user button.

    What email should I send better evidence to?

    Thank you.
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    congratulations you captured 5 of 912841984174124 of them.
    *Removed by GM* Troll on the loose

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    gotta sell that alz doe
    wa (unbanned) ||| other wa (r.i.p)
    Bot Mutiny?! ||| wiz (r.i.p.)
    noob WI (r.i.p.) ||| Yuan

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