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Thread: All Attack vs Add.Damage

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    All Attack vs Add.Damage

    So what is the difference ?
    this is what I found so far so witch should I keep?

    Add.Damage +10 /2slot
    All Attack +16 /2slot

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    The main difference is when they're calculated in the damage formula.

    As far as I understand it, the difference is all attack will be amplified by your amp, but decreased by opponent defense (and damage reduce). Add damage will not be decreased by opponent defense (or damage reduce), but is not amplified by amp.

    Based on no actual data and pure "feel", I would say add damage is better in cases where someone has *extreme* defense, resist amp, and damage reduction, and all attack is better in all other cases. The only time someone has those stats is in aod. Blader aof is a different case given they get up to 3,300 add damage, which is (as far as I know) not possible otherwise.

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