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Thread: Sweepstakes Event

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    Sweepstakes Event

    Hello everyone!

    Check out the Sweepstakes event taking place right now until October 2nd (4am) server time!

    [Event Period]
    September 4th ~ October 2nd


    1. Log in to your account on our main site.
    a. Visit the event page during the event to track your progress.
    b. Keep in mind that the tracker updates every day at 4am server time.

    2. If you meet the tier requirements, you will win participation points for those tiers and categories.
    a. EX: If you reach Tier 2 in the DP category, you will win both participation prizes for Tiers 1 and 2.

    3. This event tracks your account.

    4. DP – Dungeon Points gained during the event. You do not need to save them, just gain them.

    5. W.Exp – War experience gained during the event.

    6. eCoins spent –This takes into account the amount of eCoins you purchase and spend during the event. VOUCHERS DO NOT QUALIFY.

    7. Daily Login –If you log into the game at least 15 days during the event, you qualify for Tier 1 in the Daily Login category. If you log in 25 days, you qualify for Tier 2.

    8. Grand Prize Drawing – If you meet the requirements for Tier 2, you cannot be in the drawing for Tier 1.

    9. We will be selecting 2 winners from each Tier and Category.
    a. Ex: 2 winners from the DP category in Tier 1 and 2 winners from the DP category in tier 2.

    10. Watch the livestream on Twitch on October 8th to see if you win!

    Good luck to everyone!

    [GM] Lluvia
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