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Thread: SCAMMER SalemKhaab

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    Exclamation SCAMMER SalemKhaab

    This guy SalemKhaab LV 182 is scammer. he sold acc+hotmail then he changed his hotmail and cabal info after selling acc.
    here are proofs
    PAKDEMALL is his wizard wi lv 170


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    LOL, you made my day even better.

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    Salem sold his wiz acc to some1 else.salem is not a scammer but the person using the wiz is and ppl in his guild know about it.
    Living life, peace out!

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    LMFAO this is too funny, the proofs hes showing everyone is hilarious =))
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    what a dumb ass
    *Removed by GM* Troll on the loose

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    who the hell buys whole accounts anyways theres a much bigger risk involved

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