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    Guild Imperium was originally founded in Cabal, but went on a year hiatus as most of our members went to try Cabal 2 on the Korean servers in 2013. After a year of Cabal 2, gathering as much information as we could, we decided to come back to Cabal to recollect that nostalgic feeling until NA/EU Cabal 2 is released.

    Guild Imperium is a chapter guild of Light's Dawn Gaming, a multi-gaming community. Guild Imperium serves as the chapter branch of LDG for Cabal and Cabal 2.

    Imperium is a guild that strives to be a competitive End-Game guild while maintaining a friendly sociable atmosphere.

    Guild Website - http://lightsdawnhq.enjin.com/imperiumhome

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    Welcome back!
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    This nostalgic feel though.

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    pay me 100m. ill join
    *Removed by GM* Troll on the loose

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    No thanks bruh.
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    Why do you reupload a bunch of old cabal 2 Videos and add your intro lol =_=
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    Long story short, the members you see above are now Imperium members.

    The pre-guild recruitment competition be fierce yo.
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