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Thread: Awakened DX Dungeons - Warrior Vids & Tips

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    Awakened DX Dungeons - Warrior Vids & Tips

    Watch in 1080p, enjoy!

    Warrior is definitely one of the more challenging classes for farming the new Awakened DX dungeons. One of the biggest issues the class faces is sustain/survivability. Our only defensive steroids are Cats and Bears...and less face it they are not that good. IMO the new level 4 HP potions are very useful, if not mandatory, for our class. I'll post some general tips for each dungeon below:

    Panic Cave
    -mechanics for the first boss are important to pay attention to.
    -look for the message "nualle has pinned you to the ground" as that is an indicator of his next attack being a 1 shot. dodge to the side of the platform
    -use instant immunity at the right time to dodge first boss's stun
    -final boss can hit pretty hard, use hp potion lvl 4's
    -stack BMA for both bosses if needed, this is probably one of the more challenging dx's for WA until you get the mechanics down

    Steamer Crazy
    -straightforward mob clearing b4 and after the rota boss.
    -dont waste panic cry on first boss. bloody spirit should be more than enough
    -the last wave clear room b4 the final boss you can actually wait for all 3 waves to spawn then dive bomb in and clear it
    -final boss is very tricky if you don't have huge dps. cannons will spawn and wreck your day if your damage reduce isn't high
    -go full power on final boss with panic cry and bloody spirit from the start

    Frozen Clue
    -first boss requires the use of bloody spirit at least. you can use panic cry as well as it will most likely be up again for the final boss
    -after the first boss, wave clearing the platform b4 the second boss has a trick to it. the "trigger" mob will spawn a split second later than the rest, keep a lookout for that and burst that target mob down
    -second boss is actually the most challenging in this dungeon imo. you wont be using either bloody spirit or panic cry so be prepared for slow dps. highly recommend hp potion lvl 4's here
    -wait for your cooldowns if you have to after second boss, then go full power on the final boss with BS+PC. He shouldn't be as hard as the second boss IMO, but use hp potion lvl 4's as needed. watch out for a 5k+ spike attack as he gets low/time passes. also he has a debuff that cramps your mp pool, and you may need to swap for an EoV or something in case you have to cast a skill

    Lava Hellfire
    -first boss is not very difficult. you can clear it using just bloody spirit, or use both bloody spirit and panic cry.
    -final boss teleports you after 1 minute. you will need a lot of dps to kill it b4 getting teleported. watch out for sustain/survivability, use hp potion lvl 4's
    -if you get teleported u can actually vamp off of the firetraps if you are quick. run to the gate, break it, and return to the final boss to continue

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    Im not even a wa, but anything that can get ppl to run these dungeons is helpful. Thanks for posting this.


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