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Thread: Love & Luck

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    Love & Luck

    Love Birds of Nevareth!

    Thank you to everyone who submitted Love Letters during our community event! You can now check out the winning submissions in our Love & Luck event. Collect letters L-O-V-E to exchange for Sealed Envelopes. Sealed Envelopes contain lovely gifts that you can keep or share with your loved ones. Among the lovely gifts are Love Letter Drafts, which are used to exchange for Love Letters created by your fellow peers. Every time you exchange for a Love Letter it will automatically give you an entry into the grand prize drawings! You can then send the Love Letters to where your heart desires.

    [Event Period]
    February 4 - March 4 2015
    *Event starts after maintenance*
    *Event ends at the start of maintenance*

    [How to Participate]
    1. Run dungeons and collect the letters “L-O-V-E”
    2. Exchange “L-O-V-E” (5 of each) and 100,000 Alz for Sealed Envelope with Yul
    3. Open Sealed Envelope for a chance to receive Draft Love Letter
    4. Exchange Draft Love Letter for Love Letter with Yul
    5. Each Love Letter you receive from Yul is one Sweepstakes entry

    Click here for more info!

    CABAL Support Staff
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