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Thread: CABAL Guild Dance Video Contest

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    CABAL Guild Dance Video Contest

    Greetings CABALians,

    We loved your video submissions from last year’s video guild event, and we want to see more! Nevarethians, a new challenge awaits you! Demonstrate your creativity and ability to work together to produce the next best dance video!

    The only requirement for the video is that it must be CABAL dance footage and must be in High-Definition when uploaded for everyone's viewing pleasure. Winners will be decided by our very own staff so make sure to impress us!

    [Event Period]
    Video submission period March 4th - April 1st 2015 (23:59 hrs PST)
    Video voting period April 1st - 3rd 2015
    Winner announcement is on April 6th 2015
    Collecting personalized emblems April 6th - April 10th (23:59 hrs PST)
    Applying guild emblems and titles April 22nd 2015 (date subject to change)
    Note - all times are pacific standard time

    [How to Participate]
    Step 1: Organize and record CABAL dance footage with your dancing guild members
    Step 2: Edit and make the footage look awesome!
    Step 3: Have the Guild Master submit the video by emailing us at [email protected]

    [Submitting Guild Videos]
    Guild video submission period is from March 4th - April 1st 2015 (23:59 hrs PST)
    Only the guild master can submit the video for the guild

    Steps to submitting guild videos:
    1. Upload the video to YouTube (high-definition) as “CABAL Guild Dance Video 2015: Your Guild’s Name”
    2. Email us at [email protected]
    a. Subject: [NA][Titan] Guild Name
    b. Email content:
    i. Guild name
    ii. Guild master
    iii. Guild master account ID
    iv. Guild master registered Email on account
    v. Server
    vi. Video link to YouTube
    vii. Main contributors (3)

    ·Videos must follow Youtube copyright rules
    ·Videos must be open to the public
    ·Videos should not exceed 10 minutes
    ·Videos that are not in high-definition will not be accepted
    ·Limit of 3 main contributors

    [Selection Process]
    Selection Process will be from April 1st - 3rd 2015
    Selection Process:
    · All valid video submissions will be posted on our main website for everyone to view
    · Our CABAL Staff will then score each video from 1 – 5 (5 being the best)
    · The top 3 videos (per server) based on scores will be announced as the winners on April 6th 2015

    · We’ve decided to determine the scores of the videos from our Staff to avoid bias voting methods--such as open community vote--where Guilds with larger amount of members would have an advantage
    · Scores will be based on personal opinion of each Staff member, however, key points to focus on would be: quality of video, editing skills, flow of video, and overall entertainment

    Participation Reward
    All participating guilds with valid video submissions will receive the following:
    Title: The Member of the Nevareth Resolution Party, Duration: 60 Days

    ·Participating Guild Videos must be approved as a valid submission
    ·All valid submissions will be posted for everyone to view on our main website
    ·If you submitted a video and it was not included on the main website announcement for everyone to view, this means your video was not valid
    ·Invalid videos would be videos that are not well prepared or lack of effort was put into the video
    ·For example: a video clip of one player /dance for a minute would not be a valid video submission

    Winner Rewards
    ·Permanent Personalized Guild Emblems
    ·Special Guild Title
    ·Title: Nevareth Squadron, Duration: 180 Days

    ·Matching Costume of Choice (90 Days)
    ·Include Costume choice when the guild master submits Guild Emblem
    ·Item will be distributed to every guild member
    ·Main Contributors Reward: Epic Booster (Account Binding) x2

    ·Main Contributors are determined by the Guild Master when submitting the finalized video submission
    ·Essentially the main contributors are the players who organize footage, record, edit, and put the video together
    ·There can only be 3 main contributors per guild, so the Guild Master will have to delegate accordingly
    ·Videos on Main Page
    ·Once winners are announced, we will be showing off their winning videos on our main website

    [Submitting Your Personalized Guild Emblem]
    ·Emblem Designs should be submitted by an attachment via email to [email protected]
    ·Email subject: “NA Titan Guild Name: Guild Emblem”
    ·Size and Shape of Image: 16 x 16 pixels, square shape
    ·File Size: under 500kb in BMP format
    ·Submission Period: March 4th - April 1st 2015 (23:59 hrs pacific time)
    ·Guild emblems and titles will be applied on April 22nd 2015 (date subject to change)
    ·Once emblems are applied, guilds will have one chance to change it within 5 days
    ·Give us your matching costume of choice for being one of the winning guilds (90 Days)

    [Guild Emblem Example]

    ·If personalized guild emblem design is not submitted within the given period, a default CABAL logo will be registered for winning guild
    ·Guilds already with an emblem will be allowed to change it

    Have fun and good luck; we are excited to view all the videos!

    CABAL Support Staff
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