Citizens of Nevareth,

The denizens are boiling out from their depths. The air is thick with blood and wrought with the cries of slaughter!

Do you have what it takes to beat back the hordes of invading monsters in our BIGGEST invasion event to date? Prepare your blades, hone your skills, and rally your guild mates to BATTLE!

It's time to collect the spoils of war so get out there and defend Bloody Ice and Green Despair with everything you can muster!

[Event Period]
March 11th - April 8th 2015
*Event starts after maintenance*
*Event ends at the start of maintenance*

[How to Participate]
1. Travel to Bloody Ice and Green Despair
2. Find the invaders and destroy them!
3. Collect awesome loot

[Drop Lists]

Easter Bonus
We are providing several bonuses during the last week of the Monster Invasion for a strong finish!

[Event Period & Details]
April 1st - April 3rd

Skill EXP 50%
Pet EXP 50%
AXP 50%
Drop Rate 50%

April 4th - April 5th
Skill EXP 100%
Pet EXP 100%
AXP 100%
Drop Rate 100%

April 6th - April 8th
Skill EXP 50%
Pet EXP 50%
AXP 50%
Drop Rate 50%

CABAL Support Staff