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Thread: Quick Question

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    Quick Question

    How good is a 14/14/32GS amp one, vs 14/80, how come people don't use amp?

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    I'm lost. Do you mean 16* amp, 14 rate, and 56* dmg?
    32 dmg craft, 1 dmg slot = 24 cdi, 1 rate slot = 14, 1 amp slot = 16 (8 extended x2 for gs)

    I can't really answer your question as to which gs is better since I've never had to gear myself as a warrior. However, comparing the two upfront, it's basically 16 amp vs 24 cdi. When it comes down to amp vs cdi, I'd have to say it's based on your playstyle. If you're pvp, I'd go for amp because honor 20 is a joke to get now and people are running around with a bunch of resist crit rate. If you're pve, I'd go for the crit damage because of the same reason.

    I'd assume people don't go for your GS in question because it'd cost way more alz since you need both a rate scroll and an amp scroll? Also not worth to slot amp in gs' imo since you can get amp pretty much anywhere else whereas cdi is only limited to helms and weapons. Ultimately, amp and cdi aren't the only stats that define a build so...

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    In terms of average meta game gear it is fine to use amp equivalents instead of CD. But in terms of end-game gear progression, you get almost all the amp you need from your 3 main armor pieces and really need to maximize the RNG stats in the rest of your build where flexibility is possible (i.e.: GS/Helm/Bracelets)

    Crit rate and Crit dmg along with penetration are the dominant PVE stats

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    Or you can build something with 80/80 rate then go all cd

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