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Thread: Gladiator most fun skill: Fadeaway

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    EDIT: wait, I still need to report a EOD2 bug today, with vid.
    Not the best time to get temp banned. Gimmie a sec.

    2ndEDIT: edit your quote MamaMia pliss. Remove biscuit language.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaMiaYoe View Post
    Oooooooh.....but he played NA though. He is a pioneer FA whos known to perform tedious tricks not a lot of people (well FA's) can do in freestyle/pk pvp. He's got a different view point with what you call fun in this video
    lol thanks for quoting or I wouldn't have seen what he said

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lulu View Post
    lol thanks for quoting or I wouldn't have seen what he said

    Why so paranoid? u wont get temp banned.
    In another dimension...Miavii is still alive

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