Hello ESTGames and CABAL players.

Do you remember that Global Camp experience we entertained a while back? the one that got everyone all tuned in to see whether NA would bring Home the Trophy? Well what if we could do that Again, only on a larger scale, in our own Backyard.

For Once or Twice a year for a duration of 1 or 2 Weeks(preferably during Summer and Winter Solstice)Active CABAL1 players would receive:

- 1 MAX lvl Class of their choosing(Via registering on CABAL website)(Non transferable). Player must have logged in for 15 days prior to the event
- Character would come with a Character Binding +15 P/C Set of whatever the most recent armor/weapon grade released. Example: Forcium or Archridium+15 set with Epaulet/Rings/Bracelets,etc....
- Special name(Most likely the character name of their choosing with [Special] prefix (Similar to the GM name).

With this SPECIAL character, player would be able to compete in the following Events :

- Nation War(170-200) to compete for the title of Bringer AND Guardian for each nation over the span of the event.

The Winners of the Bringer and Guardian of their respective nations would then furthermore proceed to compete in a 1v1 Freestyle or ladder match against each other (Capella Bringer vs. Procyon Bringer & Capella Guardians of their respective classes vs. Procyon Guardians of their respective classes) during the final days of the event

Then the winners of the said matches would submit a ticket through the help desk to claim a reward(maybe a Character Binding Piece from the Set they were allowed to use, SeHH or whatever) AND a Special title for 1 Character on their account they registered with.

These are just some rough draft Ideas that could be improved on. If said event were to come to fruition it would give incentive for people to play a new class they maybe have not yet explored, discover their full potential when pitted against others who are equally Geared and Itching to Obliterate them with their skills and ultimately just have fun killing people with gears they may never have haha.

If anyone else has anything to add to this then all is welcome