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Thread: Unresponsive bug

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    Wtb>>GMs who actually know what they are doing

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddnquang View Post
    Ah just check the pw5 again. I had it cleaned out before transferring but because of this bug, one of the items that I removed was still in the pw5 inventory. I'm pretty sure that I had everything removed before transferring.

    It seems to go away after the transfer but isn't it weird having problem like this and I actually have to pay to get it fixed by myself?

    Just transferred the character back to my old account cos I have a lotta merit on there and the problem came back. 8 vouchers wasted
    I wouldn't have bothered doing the transfer. Unfortunately, I think it's an instability issue as in your videos your ping is in the orange/red zone, but I don't know. It's quite annoying as I dealt with it when I still played, but it would only happen if my ping was high for some reason even though I live in California and have decent internet.
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    As mentioned on my first post, this only happens to 1 character on my account. Never had this problem with any other characters no matter how long I played on them. Even if my ping is over 2k, I'm still able to click on my HP/MP potions, it's just that my hp doesn't heal right away but on this character I'm not able to click on these at all (no cooldown animation, nothing happen). On most of those videos, my ping was mostly 200-600ms. I've spent months on these characters, it can't be just coincident that every time I play on this character, my internet is not good
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    I have this problem everytime I stack more than 3 items on PW5

    I also reported the bug on July 2014 but it seems nobody has fixed so far...
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    Hmm, so this error is causing by the pw5 ?? thanks for the suggestion. I'll try removing items from my pw5 and see how it goes

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    don't think this is a pw5 error. Never happened to me too much. I don't think it was even significant
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    Just an update regarding this bug so that people who happen to own a pw5 know whats wrong with their character. After a few weeks of testing, I can confirm that it really is the pw5 inventory that is causing this problem. As soon as i fill up 2-3 tabs, it starts to happen. But maybe ping does have an effect on this too. My ping ranges between 180-300 most of the time and i assume most of cabal players' ping is in this range too. Maybe, since you are staying in the State; ur ping, latency and lost packets etc. are so low already so you dont even notice this from happening

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    yo tengo bug de mensaje no resivo ningun mensaje por imbox pero si puedo enviar el GM no me responde char XxSvPrEmOxX REPONDAN GM

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